Borders are for Art, Not for People

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No Human is Illegal!

So apparently, countries no longer have the ability to define who can or can’t enter. I get it. Borders don’t exist. Borders are social constructs. I can see a principled opposition to restricting people’s movement across huge swaths of land.

What I don’t get is when corporate artists and celebrities champion this line of thinking, while much of their wealth depends on those borders.

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An email to Freedom Mobile customer service

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So, I’m with your company, Freedom Mobile, because of the great price. I don’t travel much, I live in a city. Perfect for me.

I’ve been a customer for about 4 years, and never go over my 10GB a month. I get in a weird situation this month where our home internet is terrible but will be getting fixed soon. We’ve used her data and my 10GB. Now my data is really slow.

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CNN Has Terrible Fact Checking Skills

So – some gold from CNN when they try and run defense…

…and were constructed during the Obama administration. These include those where migrants are kept in fenced enclosures, the so-called cages

So when Obama makes them they’re called fenced enclosures and not inhumane cages. And even tho they are cages by their definition, putting so-called in first of it makes it less true somehow.

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